My IC Plugin for Outlook

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Make teams more reachable and productive with social media integration

Alcatel-Lucent My IC Plugin for Outlook® is an application that integrates Microsoft Outlook®, Skype™ and Yahoo! with the Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect. It enables users to optimize communications by providing consolidated presence information and by presenting a variety of communication services such as voice, email, Pounce, Short Message Service (SMS) and Instant Messaging (IM), all through existing social media on a unique single interface.

My IC Plugin for Outlook®  was designed to address SMBs needs to deliver enhanced unified communications and to improve productivity. Most users have Microsoft Outlook, and this simple Outlook plug-in enables them to expand their communicate capabilities with all their internal contacts as well as with external contacts from within Outlook. There’s no need to open separate applications.

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Benefits: My IC Plugin For Outlook

  • Federated presence to all users contacts, both internal (PBX, Outlook, Active Directory) and external (Social networks: Yahoo, Skype) as well as the Outlook Calendar availability
  • Consolidated contact identify list incorporates both internal and external contacts, qualified as prime or normal
  • Automatic notification when a contact becomes “Active” using the “Pounce” functionality
  • Use the best network and service to communicate with user correspondent as soon as they appear on one network, increasing significantly user productivity

Features: My IC Plugin For Outlook

Intelligent Quickdial and Callback
The user can select and dial, send SMS text or schedule a call to any number displayed on PC screen through a combination of a button press and a mouse click. The user can easily schedule a callback directly from the call screen popup. The callback is automatically added to user Outlook Calendar to remind you.

SMS from the desktop
The user can simply click on a contact entry to send an SMS. Users can also choose to receive the reply SMS as an email.

Pounce allows the user to right-click on a contact they want to communicate with at the next available opportunity. When the contact next comes online, the Pounce user receives a “now available” notification in the form of a call screen popup.

Missed Calls
The user can view a list of missed calls. The Missed Calls button is highlighted in orange, and the number of missed calls is displayed on the Outlook panel. The Missed Calls list displays each contact’s name, and current presence status, to indicate whether the person is available.

My Plugin for Outlook® toolbar and context menu
When a user highlights an email, the My IC Plugin for Outlook® toolbar displays the sender’s current telephony, Skype, and Yahoo! presence status. If the user right-clicks on a contact, a context menu displays all the communication methods available to make contact with the person: click to call, click to IM, and click to email. The user can select the preferred form of communication

Call Dialog Window
For both incoming and outgoing calls, the Call Dialog window pops up and displays the contact’s name and number, the duration of call and IM through Skype or Yahoo during the call. If a user cannot answer an incoming call, he/she can schedule a callback by pushing a button in the popup. This action opens a new event in the Outlook Calendar. The user schedules a time to call back. Outlook alerts the user when the time to call back arrives. Then, the user can simply press a Call button to initiate the call.


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