Greetings for SMB

Customer welcome, call routing and automated attendant features for small businesses

When clients call your office, they should get the best service. The communication system you use should provide reliable end-to-end call management, with a professional welcome and efficient call routing. And, if all lines are busy, the system needs to be able to handle call overflow too. OXO Connect’s greeting features can provide this.

When staff are travelling or out of the office, calls can be forwarded to voicemail and office voicemail can be checked remotely and securely. To increase productivity, the system can also provide tools for collaborative communications with colleagues as well as integrating with office operations.

Alcatel-Lucent offers a variety of different products, features and applications based on OXO Connect to create the right customer welcome solution for your business:

  • Greeting messages
  • Phone and PC-based Attendant console
  • Automated Attendant (AA)
  • Multiple Level AA
  • Personal Assistant
  • Voicemail
  • Intelligent and Smart Call Routing

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Benefits: Greetings

All customer welcome and greeting options have shared benefits:

  • Simple, easy to use management interface
  • Better customer service and a professional image
  • Improve customer satisfaction with an automated attendant to greet and to guide callers
  • Secure, dynamic call management offers sensitive and confidential call monitoring /filtering
  • Complete, scalable solution that is easy to install, maintain and expand
  • Increase staff productivity with call-waiting queue and agent dispatch
  • Direct forwarding/transfer to the right company department or contact
  • Reduce costs with an always-on combination of receptionist and answering service
  • Save money with a single reception number for multiple sites
  • Alternative or complement to a human attendant position
  • Company information or opening hours available 24/7
  • Low power consumption

Features: Greetings

There are multiple application-based customer welcome and greeting options that can be added onto your chosen Alcatel-Lucent infrastructure. All are based on OXO Connect.

Greeting messages

  • Up to four customizable company greetings
  • 10-min customized hold music
  • Four system languages

Personal Assistant

  • Automatic call routing to different destinations defined by the user
  • Voice-guided menu for the caller
  • Caller has five possible ways to reach you


  • Two ports and 60 min expandable to 30 hours or 200 hours with hard disk
  • Personal message greeting
  • Password protection
  • Ability to check remotely
  • Unified messaging (voicemail in email)

Smart Call Routing

  • Use multi-criteria rules to instantly connect customer or partner incoming calls to the right contact
  • Route incoming calls by caller number, called number or ID code entered by the caller

Phone Attendant console

  • High-end digital station
  • Internal and external call monitoring
  • Eight attendant groups; eight attendants in a group

PC-based Attendant console with PIMphony Softphone Team or Attendant

  • Up to 15 inbound calls managed simultaneously
  • Single-click transfer
  • Contact card screen pop-up
  • Multi-site supervision and management screen (Attendant)
  • Centralized phone book for up to ten sites

Automated Attendant (AA)

  • Global solution for company welcome called Automated Attendant: One tree, two levels
  • Four functions available: Pre-configured auto-attendant, Customized auto-attendant, Audiotex, fax and modem switch
  • Distinct menus for open and closed hours
  • Statistics
  • Capacities: 10 choices in level 1 menu, 10 choices in level 2 menu, 50 info messages in Audiotex

Multiple Level AA

  • Global solution for company welcome for multi-brand/multi-language companies and  advanced automated attendant needs
  • Capacity: 1 to 5 trees, 3 levels with 10 menu choices each, up to 100 voice prompts for the 5 trees

Call Center Office

  • Automatic call routing
  • Up to eight groups and 32 active agents
  • Automatic call routing
  • Caller identification
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Rotating and fixed priority
Greetings for SMB