Emergency Notification Server

An end-to-end campus emergency communications solution

The Emergency Notification Server (ENS) enables public safety agencies and enterprises to improve building and campus security communications and next-generation emergency call handling. A premises-based software application, ENS addresses emergency call handling, on-site security alerts and localization of emergency calls from an enterprise environment to reach the appropriate public safety dispatch center.

Two packages are available for this solution:

  •  Emergency Notification Server offering full enhanced 911 services
  •  Emergency Notification Server Light Pack offering essential notification services, at a competitive price

ENS is fully integrated with OpenTouch™ Suite and OmniPCX™ Enterprise as part of a complete end-to-end, campus emergency communications solution. In addition to the core Emergency Notification Server application and optional modules, Alcatel-Lucent offers a comprehensive suite of essential and value-added services: location discovery audits, installation, training, maintenance, building schematics or map displays.

Customer insights

“Both the security directors at Hotel Bel-Air and Beverly Hills Hotel really enjoyed seeing the reaction and the awareness and the accountability that was provided to them when they accessed the different reporting tools of the ENS admin console.” Adam Jones, IT Director, Dorchester Collection Hotels, CA, USA

“I think the ENS solution is so important that it should be included in every VOIP phone system solution. Prior to ENS, we had no idea how often 911 was called and for what reasons. Once we installed the system (...) the notifications went out perfectly and our school personnel felt empowered by having immediate access to this information.”
Marc Epstein, District Technology Director, Great Neck Public Schools

We like everything about this solution: instant notification to our security staff, ability to bridge or barge a monitored call, ability to record, pre-call announcement warning (ENS has eliminated 95% of mis-dials), detailed event logging, HA-capability… It brings us a sense of confidence. Knowing our employees and clients have the extra ‘safety net’ of notification to 1st responders is very important.”
Jeff Reynolds, AVP-Telecom Engineer IV, Banner Bank 

Benefits: Emergency Notification Server

  • Enterprises can address critical safety objectives with regional support for enhanced 911 (E911 in North America) and 112 (EU) emergency call services
  • Public safety agencies and enterprises can facilitate building and campus security communications and next-generation emergency call handling
  • Effective management of the inherent risks and potential liability from employee lawsuits, if an emergency call does not provide the necessary information to first responders
  • Ensures communications and interoperability requirements for enterprise emergencies

 For CIOs

  • Optimize investments
  • Leverage telephony infrastructures for alerts and barge-in
  • Support video surveillance and digital signage integration
  • Increase flexibility through interoperability with Land Mobile Radios (LMRs)
  • Comply with emergency regulations: automate and meet 100 percent of E911 (North America) or 112 (EU) requirements

For campus/building public safety command center personnel:

  • Increase awareness
  • Silently monitor and record emergency calls
  • Instantly notify dozens of specified personnel during an emergency call
  • Improve emergency response with accurate situational data
  • Comply with emergency regulations
  • Stay focused on critical decision-making instead of emergency message delivery
  • Reduce human error and misinformation with an automated solution

Features: Emergency Notification Server

  • Call routing to the correct PSAP (public safety answering point)
  • Identification of caller location at the PSAP levelO
  • On-site safety personnel call alerting and notification
  • Phone and radio
  • PC desktop alerts and email
  • Text messages and Alcatel-Lucent mini messages
  • Employee mobility support
  • Voice recording of all calls (configurable)
  • Automatically discover the precise location of IP/TDM/analog phones, softphones and wireless phones (8118/8128 VoWLAN phones) as they are added, moved and removed on the corporate network
  • 911 calls activity monitoring via the web-based ENS control board
  • Campus maps display
  • Call back by PSAP in case of premature call end
  • One/two-way voice panic button support
  • Internal safety/emergency call delivery service
  • High availability
  • Integration with iNetwork
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements in the U.S.
  • ENS answers emergency regulation requirements like: support for multiple devices used by first responders and on-site security personnel using radio system technologies, such as P25 and TETRA. In addition, the services heighten awareness of safety needs around the world.


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