DECT Infrastructure

Integrated and external antennas for DECT connectivity and on-site mobility

The Alcatel-Lucent 8340 Smart IP DECT Access Point (AP) and 4070 DECT Base Stations (BS) product families provide DECT connectivity on the OmniPCX™ Enterprise Communication Server to offer cost-effective on-site mobility using IP or digital cabling.

In conjunction with Alcatel-Lucent industrial DECT handsets and business DECT handsets, the 8340 Smart IP DECT Access Points offer reliable voice communications and full integration with OmniPCX™ Enterprise voice services (such as dial-by-name or multi-line management) to provide a seamless transition between Alcatel-Lucent fixed desk phones and on-site mobility.

Alcatel-Lucent 8340 Smart IP DECT Access Points provide embedded certificates for 802.1x readiness, OmniPCX™ Enterprise spatial redundancy and Passive Call Server support. These access points are HD voice ready for future use and compatible with existing 4080 IP DECT installations.

Benefits: DECT Infrastructure

  • Provides cost-effective on-site mobility in IP-only and IP/TDM networks
  • Offers end users access to OmniPCX™ Enterprise call server voice features
  • Adapted for all enterprise environments: office and industrial
  • Suitable for mid-sized and large enterprises as well as branch offices
  • Coverage can fit most difficult areas using external antennas
  • HD voice readiness provides protection against future investment

Features: DECT Infrastructure

  • Integrated antennas
  • Switched antenna diversity
  • Products for all frequency bands: Europe, US (DECT 6.0), South America and Asia
  • Adapted for indoor and outdoor environments
  • SMA connectors for external antennas on indoor and outdoor models
  • Supports identity, authentication and encryption as defined in ETSI
  • Radio coverage from 50m to 300m (approximately 55yd to 328yd) depending on location and environment
  • Supports AGAP Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX™ telephony protocol and GAP protocol

8340 Smart IP DECT AP:

  • HD voice ready according to CAT-iq
  • Compatible with 4080 IP DECT existing installations


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