ClearPass Policy Management System

Simple enterprise-wide mobile device and policy management

As part of our Unified Access Solution, the ClearPass Policy Management System lets you create and enforce policies that extend across the network to wired and wireless devices and applications (apps). This gives you total control over your Enterprise network and a simpler way to roll out Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) services.

From one integrated platform, ClearPass enables you to manage network policies, securely onboard and manage devices, admit guest users, and even secure, distribute and manage work-related mobile apps.

To reduce helpdesk tickets and easily manage a large volume of mobile or wired devices, ClearPass offloads routine tasks to users through guest self-registration portals and personalized self-service employee portals.

ClearPass also leverages contextual data about user roles, devices, application use, location, and time of day, to quickly deploy BYOD services and streamline network operations across wireless or wired networks, and VPNs.

Benefits: ClearPass

Simple enterprise-wide mobile device and policy management

  • IT has unprecedented control and a simpler way to roll out BYOD
  • Users can provision their own devices with the right security settings and download the right apps without helpdesk assistance
  • Users can register their own devices, like projectors, printers and Apple TVs, by simply filling out an online form
  • Clear separation between work and personal use: work apps are kept separate from personal apps via a virtual desktop
  • Network access privileges automatically extend to devices and apps using contextual data, such as user roles, device types, application use, location, motion, and time of day
  • Application updates and security controls are automatically applied from the integrated ClearPass Policy Management platform
  • Whether you have 25 or 25,000 guests, it’s the most scalable visitor management system for wireless and wired devices

Features: ClearPass

Simple enterprise-wide mobile device and policy management

  • Instead of a siloed approach, ClearPass integrates every critical aspect of BYOD – network access control (NAC), onboarding, guest access, mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) – into a single platform
  • Policy management for tens of thousands of mobile users, devices and apps while controlling network access with enterprise-grade AAA, including RADIUS/TACACS+
  • Guest access can be tailored to your business needs for up to 25,000 guests
  • Device onboarding and management: automatically provision devices with wireless, wired and VPN settings, download certificate and trust details, and distribute unique device credentials
  • Ability to personalize the BYOD experience with a mobile app that lets users onboard their own devices
  • Advanced endpoint posture assessments and health checks ensure security compliance and network protection before devices connect and while connected
  • Unhealthy devices are securely taken offline and put back online when remediated
  • IT can easily secure, distribute and manage enterprise apps on mobile devices – even when they aren’t connected to the company network


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