8115 & 8125 Audioffice

High quality speakers to enhance enterprise conference calls

Alcatel-Lucent 8115 & 8125 Audioffice are next-generation conference modules that add premium quality sound and easy-to-use audio conferencing capabilities to Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhones and SoftPhones.

Audioffice is a versatile smart object with a simple, clean-cut design and outstanding audio performance that enhances any conferencing situation. With six broadband speakers, four digital microphones, a passive radiator for bass boost and immersive spatial sound, Audioffice creates more dynamic and productive conversations for exceptional business communications.

The Audioffice features a 3.5 mm input/output jack to connect to Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhones, and a USB port to connect to Personal Computers.

8125 Audioffice is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for Bluetooth-enabled deskphones, smartphones or tablets, as well as a universal docking station for smartphones and tablets.

Benefits: Audioffice

  • Transforms your conferencing experience with a high-quality audio
  • Increases collaboration and enables creative exchanges with remote parties
  • Enables spontaneous group brainstorming and problem-solving sessions
  • Reduces travel and administration time and costs
  • Uses and enhances the installed base of Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhones, mobile software clients and Personal Computer softphones

Features: Audioffice

  • Plug-and-play audio conferencing
  • Easy to connect - plugs into the Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhone headset’s 3.5 mm jack & USB connection to Personal Computers
  • 8125 Audioffice wirelessly connects with Bluetooth enabled Alcatel-Lucent DeskPhones and smartphones and to smartphones and tablets with a Universal Dock Adapter/Charger
  • The ultimate office sound system, with invoxia® In Vivo Acoustic™ technology including 6 broadband speakers, 4 digital microphones, 1 passive radiator for bass boost, creating immersive spatial sound
  • Easy use of existing phone lines and easy switch between hands-free mode on DeskPhones and 8115 or 8125 Audioffice devices
  • Modern industrial design
  • Optional USB handset for smartphones enables clear-sounding individual calls, protecting users from mobile phone radiation, while providing listening comfort. Users can also switch from handset to hands-free mode for conference calls


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