4059 Extended Edition Attendant Console

Professional welcome and efficient call handling

The Alcatel-Lucent 4059 Extended Edition (EE) Attendant Console provides company operators with the tools they need to ensure all calls are handled efficiently and professionally while keeping a personal touch. This PC application, designed for the OmniPCX® Enterprise Communication Server or OpenTouch® platforms, enables single or multi-site centralized operators to quickly dispatch a high volume of calls both from customers and employees.

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Benefits: 4059 Extended Edition Attendant Console

  • Direct calls to the right person the first time: operators can see the status and availability of all associates on the network to quickly and accurately route calls to the right people
  • Streamline operations: a single operator can manage calls for multiple offices; the results are streamlined operations, consistency of service and cost savings
  • Manage high volume of calls efficiently with one-touch call/transfer operations
  • Make new operators more effective faster with an easy-to-use and customizable PC interface
  • Improve the total cost of ownership (TCO), as no additional server is required to deploy and maintain

Features: 4059 Extended Edition Attendant Console

  • Telephony services: call control, audio fed through the desk phone or via the computer, fast transfer, speed dials, call handling via mouse or keyboard, on-demand recording
  • Caller, callee information, click-to-call from contact card
  • Call queuing and routing
  • Visual supervision and presence information
  • Directory lookup, click-to-call from directories
  • User notification (text, voice, email)
  • Call logging
  • Multi-site businesses
  • Industry services (Hospitality, Healthcare)
  • Customization, e.g. keyboard shortcuts
  • Resilience via back-up and synchronization with the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server
  • Extensions via partners (Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program)


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