Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program

The Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program (AAPP) aims to develop a strong ecosystem through partnerships. This enables us to enrich the solutions we offer to our enterprise customers and Business Partners and to remain at the forefront of industry innovations. The Program supports companies that develop applications that complement the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution portfolio.

Why become an Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner?

Alcatel-Lucent is committed to open standards. This approach results in powerful platforms on which innovative applications can be developed. For developers looking to create added-value applications, the AAPP brings three main advantages:

  • Easy interface with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products: We provide a range of standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) and networking interfaces. We also provide access to our Technical Knowledge database as well as development assistance and virtual labs. These enable all AAPP members to benefit fully from the potential of Alcatel-Lucent products
  • Testing and verification of a comprehensive range of third-party applications: A certification process guarantees interoperability between certified applications and Alcatel-Lucent platforms
  • Promotion of AAPP solutions: The AAPP helps Partners promote their applications with Alcatel-Lucent customers and Business Partners through a wide range of initiatives
  • These benefits allow our members to develop and promote innovative applications that are interoperable with Alcatel-Lucent environments

Four levels of membership

  • Registered companies have access to a range of development tools, documentation and software and benefit from Technical Assistance during their development activities
  • Application Partners build a sustainable alliance with Alcatel-Lucent based on added-value propositions for enterprise customers and as a result of the application interoperability certification. Alcatel-Lucent actively promotes Application Partner solutions through its marketing activities
  • Solution Partners are engaged in close cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent to provide joint solutions based on both parties' products. They are eligible for advanced technology and business services
  • Developer Partners have been accredited by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as they demonstrate their ability to develop innovative applications based on specific Alcatel-Lucent interfaces or SDKs

Dedicated site

Interested in finding out more about the AAPP, in browsing our solution catalog, or in joining us? Visit our dedicated Application Partner Program website:

Alcatel-Lucent Application Partner Program