Harness the Technology Evolution


Software defined networks (SDN) bridge networks and applications

SIP is now mainstream and delivers a competitive advantage

Capitalize on an agile, flexible ecosystem

Network Blockage results in transplant

New technologies are creating a global ecosystem of interconnected pieces that benefit enterprises and their employees while transforming IT departments into business service providers. When the current state of the art technology is deployed, agility and flexibility is provided to all associated with the enterprise.

Technology continues to evolve at a fast pace. When compared with past advances, the difference is in how and where the technology is used. New open and standard technologies are now used as the foundation layer for applications and services.

Organizations are no longer using technology for the sake of technology but rather to enable what they want to use on top of it. This has created completely new markets (virtualization is one example) as a result of more demand for centralization, even before the "cloud" got so much traction. New bridges, such as software defined networks (SDN), have emerged to unify networks and applications while leveraging virtualization and other technologies.

In the area of communications, SIP has become mainstream providing benefits from the network to the applications layers. As a result, these benefits become a competitive differentiator and business services enabler for organizations that understand how to harness their power.

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