Business Transformation Imperatives


Evolving technologies and consumption models provide new business options

The cloud offers business highly scalable resources

There is growing demand for communications as-a-service and network models

Current Analysis rates the ALU-E Wired LAN Infrastructure

Businesses and their employees require more options if they are to successfully execute their plans. New ways of operating require new tools combined with existing ones to address the explosion of applications, information, and use of social platforms.

CEOs and CIOs realize it's about improving performance now, understanding that the digital world continues to rapidly evolve, and that this transformation has to account for tomorrow. Planning beyond today means considering scalability, open architectures, and new ways to connect SIP enabled devices to unify them all. It should include technology that is context aware and supports the full range of today's conversation experience.

Transformation requires options

Vision and options form the foundation of business transformation. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides business leaders with new opportunities and technology options to become more efficient, agile and customer centric.

These technology options enable both local and cloud-based models that help IT cope with budget constraints and the growing demand for network resources and communications "as a service." Plus businesses are able to add capacity and features as needed, providing advantageous financial, feature and solution options.

One option, the cloud, is experiencing growing interest. Using a cloud requires review of both operational and business models as it is both an architecture and a model. It redefines the role of the CIO, of information technology, and of IS departments.

It's these new models that are shaping business imperatives and transforming the world of technology within the enterprise. It is a new way to serve users. It's a new way for users to enable their own self-service model.

All are signs we are entering the Personal Cloud Era.