Enterprise Innovation

Our Vision

Personal communication devices, applications and channels are dramatically changing business and the workplace. Personalize Your Connected Experience.

Delivering Business Outcomes

Collaborative Conversations 
Digital lifestyles, shifting market dynamics and maturing global economies are altering the way companies do business.  It's also changing the way employees and customers collaborate.  Discover new unified communications and collaboration choices.

Application Fluent Networks
Network transformation has become urgent new business models. Network intelligence, agility and scalability are not “nice to have” options.  See what IT leaders are doing to improve business performance.

Cloud Transitions
Cloud-based architectures and models present new opportunities for enterprises… as long as they translate into improved business outcomes.

Business Transformation Strategies

Align Your Customer Service And Business Objectives
Empower customers to engage on their terms through any medium and device.

Automate Your Data Center By Virtualizing Your Network
Full throttle application delivery requires a data center network that’s agile, automated and virtualized.

Enable Your Business To Capitalize On New Technologies
New technologies will streamline operations, reduce costs and optimize business models.

Energize Your Workforce With A New Communication Experience
Your employees are taking control of their communications and expect the same user experience they have at home.  Quality user experience is business critical.

Harness Your Cloud Transformation Opportunities

Shift to the cloud for rapid deployment, flexible cost structures and advanced applications.

Unify Your Networks For The Mobile Enterprise
Unified access and network automation simplify IT operations, improve user experience and expand mobile capabilities.

Trends and Innovation

BYOD: Build Your Own Destiny

Software Defined Networks

Enterprise in the age of smartphones and tablets

Aligning communications with business objectives

2014 Frost & Sullivan Product Excellence Award for UC