User Centric Approach

Your workforce is only as effective as the communications solutions it employs. The communication needs of your employees vary according to their roles and responsibilities, so a single device or set of services cannot be expected to meet the needs of all users. That's why Alcatel-Lucent takes a user-centric approach to developing the tools and services that drive enterprise communications - We work with you to identify employee requirements and implement cost-effective solutions that deliver results.

Know your users

Providing effective employee communications solutions is a critical step in managing the complexity and cost of your corporate strategy. Alcatel-Lucent's customized user profiles help enterprises align resources with employee needs. Our analysis of the behaviors and communication needs associated with various business roles has produced five distinct user profiles that describe the vast majority of employees. Each user profile is further segmented into three categories based on collaboration needs and percentage of time spent roaming.

Office Worker

Spends about 90% of the day at their desks and 10% around the workplace. These office workers (ex. Administrative managers, office executives, accounting clerks and legal officers) rely on business telephony and can benefit from unified messaging services.

Team Worker

Spends about 70% of the day at their desks and 30% around the workplace and in meetings. These team workers (ex. Marketing specialists, design managers and research directors) require cross-functional communication capabilities and can benefit from multi-party conferencing and collaboration tools.

On-site Roamer

Spends 20-50% of the day at their desks and 50-80% of the day around the workplace. These on-site roamers (ex. IT support staff, security guards, production engineers and hospital directors) need campus mobility solutions and desktop integration services to be responsive at all times.

Mobile professional

Spends about 40% of the day at their desks and 60% away from the office. These mobile professionals (ex. Sales representatives, customer support engineers and marketing directors) require constant access to voicemail, email and data, even on the road.


Spends about 40% of the day at their desks, 30% around the workplace and 30% away from the office. These executives (ex. C-level executives, senior managers, doctors and surgeons) require a rich combination of telephony, messaging, collaboration and mobility services to enable communication anytime, anywhere.

Our user-centric industry approach

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User Centric Approach