Software Defined Networks: Optimizing Your Environment

Virtualization provides deployment and delivery flexibility, cost savings and improved user experience. But it's difficult for the network to keep up with the infrastructure needed to support virtualization.

Today's network has limited application awareness, even with the new virtual application control systems; this challenge makes the network difficult to optimize and manage. Artificial constraints created by operational silos restrict the effectiveness of application controllers to improve resource efficiency.

SDN for Improved Performance, Management & Security

"Software Defined Networks" is the term used to refer to the many approaches proposed by standards bodies and application virtualization and network vendor communities to solve this problem.

An Information Week survey found that IT pros who have implemented or plan to implement SDN think it will boost network utilization and efficiency (42%), automate more provisioning and management (35%), and improve security (32%). (, Oct 2012)

Alcatel-Lucent's SDN Strategy for Enterprise Networks

We aim to provide a coordinated virtual infrastructure enabling applications and the network to collaborate for a high quality user experience and optimized resource consumption.

Requirements to Enable SDN

Programmability: The ability to link between the application control and network control layers enabling the optimization of application delivery performance and increased visibility.

Application Awareness: The network's ability to automatically react to dynamic requirements of virtualized workloads such as movement of compute resources in the data center to unleash the workload optimization capabilities now available for computing.

Global Control View: The ability for network control systems to have a global view of current network conditions to improve local decisions made by individual network nodes on how to treat traffic streams of a particular application and to be shared with application control platforms.

The Benefits of SDN

For enterprise employees

  • High quality user experience with multi-media real-time applications and cloud services
  • Increased support for mobile work styles
  • Higher productivity and engagement between employees and with customers

For enterprise IT

  • Better network performance with an application aware network that coordinates with virtual application control
  • Better user experience with improved quality of service controls
  • Better security with an application aware network
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs with increased coordination between application control and network control platforms

Learn More About Alcatel-Lucent SDN Capabilities

Download the White Paper on Application Fluent Data Centers with user network profiles and virtual network profiles.

Discover the application-aware OmniSwitch product family with programmable management capability for third-party control systems.

Research OmniVista VMM for linkage to application control platforms.

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