Everything as a Service


Service oriented network architecture reduces cost

Anywhere, any time access from any device

Provides flexibility, scales quickly, reduces IT maintenance

There is a trend in today’s enterprise that is gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional IT models. That trend is the “X as a service” model, where “X” is anything from computing (CaaS), to infrastructure (IaaS), to platforms (PaaS), to software (SaaS) or applications.

In essence, it is “Everything as a Service,” or EaaS. And enterprises of all sizes are able to benefit from this technology and business transformation.

Service oriented network architecture, as a concept, has been around a long time. However, with the growing use of cloud technology, it has only recently become an ideal way to cut costs while making services widely available. Cloud computing has made new delivery models possible.

By carefully planning a migration to cloud services, an enterprise reduces in-house IT build and maintenance requirements, saves money by paying only for capacity as needed, and avoids having to build out to support peak usage. In essence, this provides greater scalability without the expense. And, if the supplier doesn’t work out, it is much easier to find a new provider rather than replace an in-house solution with another, potentially untried solution.

Drivers for adoption – Easy access
With EaaS, employees enjoy access to the information they need from the cloud, using the latest software from anywhere they find connectivity. Your employees become more mobile, from any device, whether it is a PC, a tablet, or their smartphone.

Faster and easier software upgrades
Often, a business is able to upgrade software solutions faster if it doesn’t involve IT. Timely upgrades can be automated and require minimal IT support when the applications are hosted in the cloud, and migration to new tools offers increased flexibility. The licensing models used for cloud-deployed applications scale as business requirements change, reducing up-front capital investment significantly.

Lower IT costs
Cloud based service models mean that operations and maintenance costs are shifted to the service provider.  With 70% of traditional IT budgets spent on in-house operations and maintenance (Gartner), IT budgets can be shifted to more strategic and innovative uses. Hardware purchase and maintenance costs are often reduced as a direct result of vendor hosted applications.


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers and partners are harnessing cloud transformation opportunities and capitalizing on everything from new technologies to business models.

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