2013 Alcatel-Lucent Dynamic Enterprise Awards

The Dynamic Enterprise award recognizes organizations that have chosen to leverage solutions to implement advanced technologies, transforming their business in innovative ways that allow them to keep a competitive edge while delivering exceptional customer service. Being a Dynamic Enterprise shows effort, acknowledgement and pride.

Four customers from around the world attended our industry analyst conference, which has served as the platform for recognizing our Dynamic Enterprise customers over the past five years. This year’s customers were recognized in one of four categories – Data Center Transformation, Transformation to “As a Service” Offer, New Communication Uses, and Campus Networking Technology. Each finalist presented their Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution implementation to the more than 30 analysts attending Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise's Annual Industry Analyst Conference that took place in Annapolis, Maryland, April, 2013.

The overall winner was selected by vote based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Vision
  • Contribution to organizational transformation

 Congratulations to the 2013 winners

The California State University (USA) was voted the overall Dynamic Enterprise winner by the analysts for their efforts in the category of Technology – Campus Networking. The California State University system serves over 420,000 students annually – it’s the largest higher education system in North America. What made CSU stand out was the process they took to transform their state-wide network.

It began as a vision CSU had: They wanted to approach the RFP process from a vendor-agnostic perspective to equitably compare the best solutions currently available on the market. Next, they conducted an extensive total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment for the long-term cost of owning the solutions, not just the purchase price. With this implementation, CSU will create the foundation to support a campus- and system-wide teaching evolution, ensuring the students are ready to excel in their careers and achieve their academic goals. And they are demonstrating fiduciary responsibility by investing for the long term, with the California taxpayer as the beneficiary.

Bayonette (Norway) received praise in the category of Technology – Data Center Transformation. Bayonette, a cloud service provider, is building a new infrastructure and will be going up against providers of Internet services, site-to-site office connectivity, storage and cloud-based application delivery to deliver solutions to SMB customers across their region. They are the first to build this type of offer for an entire city area in Norway. Watch video from Arve Paalsrud, CTO at Bayonette, describing their cloud service, Hydra.

Fox Chapel Area School District (USA) was honored for Transformation – Models for Transformation with a shift to “As a Service” offers. Fox Chapel Area, a K-12 school district, embraced new technology through the cloud. They moved their hardware off-premise with a hosted solution offered by a channel partner. They implemented UC to foster improved district/parent-teacher/parent communications, leveraged government subsidies for a new telephony environment, and deployed mobile tablet computing with flexible online courses on an open platform. This allowed Fox Chapel Area to build and deliver new learning anytime and anyplace. Watch video from Scott Hand, Coordinator of Educational Technology, and the students of Fox Chapel Area.

Sagestamo (Portugal) was recognized in the category of New Communications Uses. This category acknowledges innovative organizations where new mobility and multimedia capabilities are enabling the delivery of new services for their end-users. Sagestamo brings a unique offer to the market as they are a Portugal government-owned real estate agency that manages buildings.  With Alcatel-Lucent solutions, they are expanding their services to become a communications service provider to their tenants. Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch™ and OpenTouch Conversation solution for iPad help them deliver innovative business communications services with a focus on mobility.

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