Streamlined Operations

With organizations looking to simultaneously relieve the burden on IT staff while reducing operational costs, Alcatel-Lucent's Application Fluent Network helps them to streamline operations by:

  • Providing automation wherever possible, such as with provisioning
  • Consolidating management tools
  • Ensuring operational consistency between switch features
  • Design for minimal power consumption

Let's examine each of these operational advantages:

Automatic Provisioning

Each access layer switch allows the Application Fluent Network to download the right configuration as the switch becoming a functioning network component with minimal human intervention. Similarly, WLAN controllers automatically download configuration information to newly connected wireless access points easily integrating them into the existing wireless network infrastructure. Specialized devices such as VoIP handsets also are automatically recognized and configured.

Converged Management
The Application Fluent Network helps to overcome the common complaint of IT administrators that there are too many complex tools for monitoring and managing the network infrastructure. A converged management solution makes it possible to:

  • Consolidate many network management functions into a single management tool that IT staff can access remotely
  • Manage virtualized segments via the network infrastructure, rather than as individual network elements
  • Enable third-party tool integration

Operational Consistency
A single operating system powers all switches and routers in the Application Fluent Network, allowing administrators to manage the network using common tools. This also prevents technicians from having to refer to complex matrixes to determine hardware and software compatibility when installing patches and upgrades.

Energy Efficient
With more enterprises moving to green networks as a cost-saving measure and a corporate responsibility mandate, the Application Fluent Network is an ideal choice. Network components are designed for energy efficiency, and all switches have market-leading low power-consumption characteristics, helping to reduce an enterprise's carbon footprint.

With this powerful set of operational capabilities, the Alcatel-Lucent Application Fluent Network enables enterprises to more effectively support a number of critical business solutions, including:

  • Converged IP networks that benefit from a consolidated set of management tools.
  • Next generation data centers that deliver resilient, low latency and low-power switching, and which support the automatic movement of virtual applications between servers.
  • Service-aware networks that are scalable, reliable and secure, and which feature end-to-end management of and visibility into actual service levels.
  • Managed access services that deliver a redundant, all-in-one converged business access gateway.
Streamlined Operations