Resilient Architecture

Alcatel-Lucent's Application Fluent Network is architected to deliver exactly today’s enterprise needs: a network that reduces complexity, cuts costs, and provides users with a superior experience. Several key elements make this possible:

  • The simplified network architecture minimizes latency
  • Virtualization of switches and links yields optimized network utilization
  • Improved network resiliency results from shortened re-convergence times
  • Embedded security reduces complexity

Let's take a closer look at the important elements of this architecture:

Simplified Network

The Application Fluent Network features switches that make it possible to eliminate an entire network layer. The result is a simplified, two-tiered network that can meet the video, data and storage needs of the enterprise. Additionally, the absence of the third layer reduces latency by reducing the number of switches through which data must pass.


In an Application Fluent Network, virtualized switch management and network links result in optimized resource utilization, reduced operational complexity, and increased scalability. It is this "multi-chassis link aggregation" that makes it possible for the two-layer architecture to function as a three-layer network would, even without using the Spanning Tree Protocol.


With their increased reliance on real-time applications, enterprises require low latency and high availability to deliver a satisfying user experience. But those needs can be compromised by hardware problems, which is why the Application Fluent Network's ability to recover rapidly from component failure—without impacting application traffic—is so important. All of the switches in an Application Fluent Network have redundant power supplies, fans, management, and fabric, and in geographically distributed networks, Ethernet Ring Protection ensures quick re-convergence time if switches or links ever fail.

Embedded Security

The Application Fluent Network's robust set of embedded security features ensures that the unique security requirements of every enterprise are met. Built-in network access control and intrusion detection and prevention offer additional layers of protection beyond existing endpoint and server security solutions. Endpoint and user policy enforcement features provide fine-grained controls; prevent failures due to Denial of Service attacks; and protect against rogue access and hackers.

This powerful set of architectural components sets apart the Alcatel-Lucent Application Fluent Network, enabling a number of critical business solutions, including:

  • Converged IP networks that enable the delivery of real-time applications in a virtualized, cloud-based environment.
  • Next generation data centers that reduce costs, improve agility, and support the convergence of data and storage networks.
  • Service-aware networks that deliver reliable, high-quality services in rugged environments—such as in utilities, transportation and public safety organizations—where security can not be compromised.
  • Managed access services that enable service providers to meet the demands of small enterprises for complete all-in-one communications solutions that include voice, data (wired and wireless), collaboration tools, and video.
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