Featured Event - Voicecon Orlando 2010

VoiceCon Orlando 2010: Unify Your Enterprise Communications

03/22/2010 - 03/25/2010

Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
Orlando, Florida,  United States
Booth: 816

Featured Event - Voicecon Orlando 2010

"Use Communications to TransformYour Enterprise"

VoiceCon Orlando 2010

Attend the leading conference on enterprise communications-unified communications, VOIP and video. VoiceCon presents the latest solutions and helps you make the best investment decisions in this challenging environment. VoiceCon helps you understand what these changes mean for your network, your enterprise and your career.

Visit our booth and chat with our Solution Genius' to learn about the latest in Unified Communication, Next-Gen Technologies and Enterprise 2.0 solutions or learn about Alcatel-Lucent thought leadership by attending one of our speaker presentations.

Hear Us: Our Speakers

Monday, March 22,
9:00 - 10:45 AM
Contact Center Update and Executive Forum
Location: Sun D

A leading analyst will offer her assessment of the current state of the contact center market—enterprise progress on migrating to IP and SIP-based systems, and which vendors they're selecting as partners. A roundtable discussion follows in which the leading vendors react to the analyst assessment and offer their own views on where the market is headed, and how to make the contact center more cost-effective.
Alcatel-Lucent Panelist - Nicolas de Kouchkovsky,
CMO, Enterprise Applications

Monday, March 22,
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Summit: Next-Gen Communications Architectures
Location: Sun A

In this VoiceCon Summit, CTOs and other technology leaders will discuss and debate the various approaches to next-gen communications architectures. You'll leave with a better understanding of how your enterprise's communications systems will fit into the larger IT environment, and how these new architectures will support end users to provide higher productivity and great business benefits.
Alcatel-Lucent Panelist - Jack Jachner,
Vice President, Cloud Communication Solutions

Monday, March 22,
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Comparing Unified Communications Options: Who's Offering What?
Location: Osceola B

This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the five most popular options for Unified Communications and an assessment of suppliers for each option. It is intended for enterprise CXOs, decision-makers, IT managers, communications managers, and business managers who are planning to install Unified Communications -- either via a new system or by adding Unified Communications to existing PBXs, email systems and business applications.
Alcatel-Lucent Panelist - Sherif Shalaby,
Senior Solution Architect

Tuesday, March 23,
2:00 – 5:00PM
Integrating Mobility and Unified Communications: Comparing the Vendors' Solutions
Location: Sun A

The VoiceCon team has put together a request for proposal for a mobile Unified Communications solution to work in conjunction with an IP-PBX deployment. A set of of mobility requirements has been added, but no particular technology solution is specified. Twelve leading vendors will propose a solution based on their existing product lines, identify the products required to implement it, and provide cost per user and for the entire solution. Each will get the opportunity to describe their solution, why they chose it, and to highlight the cost and particular advantages of their approach.
Alcatel-Lucent Panelist - Michael Francis,
Senior Solution Architect

Wednesday, March 24,
1:00 – 1:45 PM
Marrying Social Networking and Enterprise Communications
Location: Sun D

Social networking is becoming a part of many information workers' collaborative toolkit, presenting opportunities and challenges for enterprise network managers. Vendors are beginning to integrate social networking tools into their communications systems. How do you keep up with what your users are doing, and use these tools to optimize collaboration in a way that actually saves or makes money for your enterprise? In this session, communications vendors and software providers will describe—and show—what's possible today.
Alcatel-Lucent Panelist - Dr. Bruce Craig, MD

Wednesday, March 24,
2:00 – 5:00 PM
IP Telephony System RFP: Who Delivers the Goods?
Location: Sun A

An RFP process to purchase a new enterprise communications system can be a time consuming experience. This workshop's objective is to facilitate this task for customers who plan to issue an RFP for an IP telephony system in the near future.
The RFP is designed for enterprise-level customers with single or multiple premises requirements. It covers: system architecture and design of common control and common equipment, voice terminals, generic software features, voice/integrated messaging, ACD features/functions, Unified Communications options and systems management.
Alcatel-Lucent Panelist - John Hayes,
Manager, Solution Architects

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
10:00 – 10:45 AM
Summit: User Forum (Location: Osceola C)

This VoiceCon Summit presents enterprise executives discussing their experiences with migrating to new communications infrastructures, architectures and services. In a roundtable format, the executives will describe what went into their decision-making for migrating, and they'll describe their implementation experiences —what went right and what didn't. The panelists will discuss benefits and problems, and offer perspective and advice that reflect their real-world experience. In addition to discussing the technical issues, the speakers will address the impact that new technologies and architectures are having on end users and the IT/telecom organization.
Moderator - Eric Krapf, Editor, NoJitter.com, Co-Chair, VoiceCon
Moderator - Zeus Kerravala, SVP, Enterprise Research, The Yankee Group
Alcatel-Lucent Customer Panelist – Arne Saustrup, Operations Manager, The Alamo Colleges. Read More