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OpenTouch Virtual Event


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Learn why OpenTouch Conversation is a Best of Interop 2012 Winner

Learn from the experts how to transform your enterprise communications to a seamless BYOD environment.

About the Event:
Come and experience the winning solution of the 2012 Best of Interop award for Collaboration without leaving your desk. OpenTouch™ is a solution that brings seamless multiparty and multimedia communications to your employee, partners and customers on any device. You now have the opportunity to experience OpenTouch™ in a two hour virtual event, which offers:

  • Uses cases to understand how you can increase team productivity through collaboration
  • Actionable ideas about IT transformation to a cloud-ready BYOD enabled environment

Through video presentations, online demonstrations and live meet- the-expert sessions you can start building a foundation for a true collaborative conversation environment within your organization. solutions.


  • The new standards of user experience: why OpenTouch is changing the game in Unified Communications

    While there is no magic recipe for a perfect Unified Communications (UC) and Collaboration strategy, there are certain essential ingredients that can ensure its successful deployment and adoption. Technology, of course, is a key ingredient, but user experience is probably today the most important ingredient which often gets overlooked and causes failure in UC deployments. With the increasing trend to bring your own device (BYOD) to work and the consumerization of devices, enterprises are now faced with a whole new set of user expectations that they must address if they want to realize the full benefits of UC.

    Discover how OpenTouch is changing the game with a seamless and continuous experience, shared on all devices employees may use in a normal business day.
  • Delivering Conversations Everywhere from CPE to Cloud

    25% of enterprises have implemented or are already planning some form of "cloud deployment" to deliver enterprise telephony functions and almost 75% see cloud as important in their UC Buying decisions *.

    Wherever your customers are on the CPE to hybrid to cloud deployment spectrum, you need to be able to provide powerful, flexible solutions to meet their current and future communications needs. This session addresses how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise answers the different challenges faced by users, organizations and service providers to enable fast adoption of collaborative conversations from CPE to the cloud
  • Meet the experts via live chats and virtual meeting rooms
  • Driving the Transformation To Cloud-based conversations

    New visual collaboration experiences, along with smart, application-enabled devices and cloud-ready network architectures are creating important opportunities for enterprise IT departments to transform networks and communications.

    Discover these major transformation opportunities and how Alcatel-Lucent helps IT departments take advantage of them.
  • Meet the experts via live chats and virtual meeting rooms

** This virtual event is presented on the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise virtual event platform called "CONNECT". When you register for this event you will be requested to become a member of CONNECT. You only need to do this once: the platform will create your profile and present you with a personalised homepage every time you log back on again for an event or online demonstration.