Featured Event - HIMSS12

HIMSS 12: Las Vegas, NV--booth 8503

02/20/2012 - 02/24/2012

Venetian Sands Expo Center
Las Vegas, Nevada,  United States
Booth: 8530

Featured Event - HIMSS12

"Linking people"

 At HIMSS12 Alcatel-Lucent will show you how we're changing the conversation and turning siloed operations into connected hospitals.

As healthcare professionals look to new ways to improve healthcare delivery, we encourage you to consider the following innovative strategies.

Embrace the digitization of everything

The digitization of everything means that the networks you built 3 years ago may no longer be adequate. Your data center has become the nerve center of everything you do - without the data center, there is no data. Without data, there is no patient.

Featured solutions

  • Low latency, 40Gbps data centers that can handle the onslaught of virtualization and the crush of data with a real focus on Green solutions
  • application-fluent LAN networks that contribute to ubiquitous CPOE and the movement of video
  • Safe network access addressing the needs of hospitals trying to cope with a "bring your own device" environment

Enable mobility with process-driven collaboration for caregivers

Today mobile devices are used everywhere. That is why it is important to assure wireless coverage (WiFi or carrier), wherever needed. Process-driven collaboration allows communications to become part of the workflow, seamlessly. Bring the right people together

Featured solutions

  • Nurse call augmented with WLAN phones that can handle voice and secure text; escalate calls to increase patient responsiveness and nurse effectiveness
  • Campus-wide emergency notification systems to coordinate rapid-response effectively
  • Multi-device, multi-session, multi-media conversations all delivered by the OpenTouch multimedia suite

Leverage visual collaboration to increase productivity

Visual collaboration is possible everywhere, being driven by the omnipresence of cameras in people's pockets as well as from the industry at large. Take advantage of the easy movement of video - from image capture devices to mobile apps and devices that can display high quality video. Video as natural as dial tone.

Featured solutions

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