Discover the POWER of a personalized, connected experience

Discover the POWER of a personalized, connected experience

10/27/2015 - 10/30/2015

Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana,  United States

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Join us at booth 1918 to learn how a personalized connected experience for both students and faculty can differentiate your institution. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is building on our history and success in delivering innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of higher education. Let us help you embrace next-generation technology and control costs of your network.

Stop by and learn firsthand from our experts how our innovations solve your communication and networking challenges. Request a booth tour.

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1. Meeting the Mobility Challenge

Every college faces a constant challenge to keep up with user access demands and expectations across the campus. From dorm rooms to the classroom, it’s not just a coverage issue, it is also about security, application fluency, and ease of access. The answer is a unified access solution that solves these challenges and delivers a connected experience for all.

2. Build the University’s “Intelligence” Fabric

IT has become crucial to the learning fabric within every college. Intelligent Fabric technology can simplify and automate deployment of networks, reduce IT costs associated with deployment, eliminate error-prone manual steps, and deliver self-healing capabilities to reduce downtime. These improvements can strengthen the learning environment and reduce tuition. Come see how you can leverage Intelligent Fabric technology to optimize IT resources, improve learning uptime, and deliver a next generation network that will attract students.

3. Personalized Connected Experience - Teaching

How a college blends technology into the learning experience is vital, not just for a modern course experience but also in meeting students’ & teachers’ personal expectations. How connected that experience is, will have a positive effect on their learning success. Integration of real-time collaboration in the classroom is a key innovation that attracts and retains students, adding to the timeline of learning.

4. Personalized Connected Experience - Student

Students are not customers, but they can be your strongest advocates. Their experience is critical to their satisfaction and the ongoing reputation of a college. Universities can leverage modern IP communications to deliver mechanisms and ensure the best, personalized connected experience for students, parents and staff.  Using better interaction management for helpdesks, operators, student services, residential service and Financial aid. Using advanced conversation technologies, universities will improve relationships, respond to requests faster, improve admissions processes, and streamline financial programs that are critical to operating efficiency. Improved interactions can strengthen the university’s reputation and attract students to the education programs.

5. Personalized Connected Experience - Campus

The campus is key to any student’s college selection. How CONNECTED their experience is, will not just help persuade a prospective student, but will help SUPPORT, PROTECT and EMBRACE the student. An evolved campus communication model that connects students, teachers, staff, parents and guests, will drive efficiency, promote student success and happiness as well as drive down overall costs.


Hear from our Panel of Experts

Join us, and our panel of experts, as we explore the alphabet soup of new networking technologies and discuss why they relate to the planning of your next-gen education model.

Alphabet Soup – The Truth About Emerging Network Technologies and Next Generation Courseware

Date:  Wednesday, October 28
Time:  11:40AM - 12:50PM
Location: Meeting rooms 203/204
Speakers: Michel Davidoff, Director Cyber Infrastructure, California State University; Sheryl Reinhard, Director, Networking, Duquesne University; Tim Wilson, Associate Vice President Information Technology, Point Park University 
Moderator: Neal Tilley, Senior Director Education Technology, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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