Enjoy a Personal Connected Experience at Dynamic Tour 2015

Enjoy a Personal Connected Experience at Dynamic Tour 2015

05/13/2015 - 09/14/2015

20 cities, 

Dynamic Tour 2015

Do your communications, networking and cloud solutions provide tangible business outcomes for your enterprise today?

Enterprises want to optimize their business performance and provide an enhanced user experience that includes communications and network access to content and applications from anywhere. Both can be achieved by enabling a connected experience that delivers personalized value for every individual.

With our partners, we co-create the personalized connected experience that delivers tangible outcomes for our customers and their end-users.

To learn more about what the personalized connected experience means for your company, check out the list of Dynamic Tour events and register for an event near you. You may also contact your local Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise representative for more information.

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Dynamic Tour 2015 presents Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Solutions for business outcomes

Today enterprise employees ask for a personalized connected experience. Your enterprise is challenged by the demand for:

New Uses

  • From dial tone to anytime, anywhere conversations
  • From fixed to mobile
  • From office hours to always on

New Technology

  • From proprietary to industry standards (IP/SIP)
  • From desktop to cloud
  • From company provided to BYOD
  • From wired to wireless
  • From manual to automation

New Business Models

  • From CAPEX/OPEX to as-a-service models
  • From technology deployment to business outcomes
  • From generic to tailored offers

Visit the Dynamic Tour 2015 and find out more about:

Collaborative conversations: Alcatel Lucent Enterprise provides a comprehensive evolution path from voice communications to multimedia conversations through its wide range of solutions. These solutions span from hybrid telephony access to a full suite of unified communications and collaboration solutions, including solutions for visual collaboration across all devices.

Application Fluent Networks: We believe that networks need to be Application Fluent Networks. Our solutions maximize the efficiency of networks through effective monitoring and automatic tuning of resources, while simplifying the network architecture to deliver the imperatives of new multimedia applications. We bring comprehensive solutions in the area of converged campus networks and data center networks and enable the enterprise to speed the adoption of cloud services.

Cloud Solutions: Cloud models and services have emerged as a transformational opportunity to reduce the burden on IT of building and managing infrastructures. The cloud offers rapid deployment, flexible, agile and elastic cost structures, advanced applications and service delivery to improve user experience and productivity without upfront investments, thereby reducing capital expenses and total cost of ownership.
Our cloud solutions offer unified communications as-a-service to enable collaborative conversations for businesses of all sizes with in-house, hybrid and on a consumption basis, deployment models.