Connected Hospital User Group

Connected Hospital User Group


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Center for Connected Medicine

What is CHUG?

The Alcatel Lucent Connected Hospital User Group (CHUG) meets several times a year in cities across the USA. It's an opportunity for Alcatel-Lucent customers and partners to share strategies for Changing the Conversation in healthcare and thus increase access, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Who Attends:

  • IT leaders looking to learn from their peers
  • Selected Alcatel-Lucent technology partners
  • Industry experts from government and the consultant community

Past Attendees:

  • Director of IT for South Jersey Healthcare
  • CEO of Axial Exchange
  • VP of Networks for Advocate Healthcare
  • President of Technology Development Center for UPMC
  • CTO of LifeWatch
  • Director of Telehealth for John Hopkins International
  • Vice President of Telehealth for UnitedHealth Group

Meeting Format:

  • Interactive workshops on topics concerning the role of communications technology in healthcare
  • Live demonstrations
  • Business dinners allowing casual conversations with peers and industry insiders

Change the Conversation in Today's System Designed for Heroic Care

A Connected Hospital represents a vision where the hospital is placed at the center of a community. The foundational members of Alcatel-Lucent's Connected Hospital User Group (CHUG) are the Healthcare Enterprises that have leveraged Alcatel-Lucent's technology to push the limits of connectivity in healthcare. Members of the CHUG include individuals from any healthcare enterprise that wants to be connected to the innovations that come from the leader in global networking including Alcatel-Lucent's innovation engine Bell Labs as well as harness opportunities presented by consumer innovations in mobility, video and social media. Industry partners and key contributors to the healthcare ecosystem are also invited to participate. Alcatel-Lucent hosts semi-annual conferences throughout North America and we welcome any CHUG member to attend and share their experiences and insights.

Strategies for a Connected Hospital

  • Interact optimally with patients before, during and after visits to impact outcomes and increase patient satisfaction
  • Enable mobile, process-driven collaboration for clinicians by delivering timely information to any device and at anytime
  • Establish a robust network foundation by enabling connectivity all-around that is reliable, dependable, secure and ubiquitous

Change the Conversation Outcomes

  • Access through Collaboration
  • Costs Reduced by being Connected, not just integrated
  • Quality through effectiveness, not just efficiency

Alcatel-Lucent's Broad Solution Portfolio Delivers the Connected Hospital

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