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University of Antioquia

University of Antioquia
Industry: Education
Country: Colombia
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Founded in 1803, the University of Antioquia in Medellín is the second largest public university in Colombia and is renowned as one of the country’s main research universities. The new infrastructure enables students and faculty to connect their devices anywhere on campus and supports innovative teaching and learning methods, positively impacting education and campus life.


  • UdeA was receiving complaints about the quality and availability of the wired and wireless connectivity throughout the campuses.
  • The University also wanted to provide better quality access networks to support BYOD for staff and students, requiring an infrastructure upgrade to manage the growing demands on the system.
  • Finally, UdeA needed a scalable solution that stayed within a defined budget and that could cope with future growth and expansion.





  • The wired and wireless network now provides the high capacity and stability needed for effective connections throughout the university campuses.
  • The network performance for the high-density environment is optimal, with connectivity for up to 200 student and staff devices per access point, and the possibility of adding modules to allow for future expansion.


  • By using a single vendor for its networking and telephony solutions, UdeA benefits from a simplified and converged solution.
  • New faster connectivity enables the university to cost effectively implement administrative procedures that support core activities, such as course development and research.
  • The network solution is scalable, giving UdeA greater flexibility to keep growing and add value to the university.

User experience

  • Students and staff are satisfied with the wireless service. They can easily connect their mobile devices anywhere on campus and enjoy high quality connectivity.
  • The new infrastructure supports innovative teaching and learning methods, positively impacting education and campus life for students and faculty.

"It is important for us to have technology that allows for our capacity growth planning, in line with the projected demand on all of our infrastructure."

— Carlos Mario Duque, Director Institutional Development, University of Antioquia