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Columbus Capital Lending

Columbus Capital Lending
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Country: United States
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Columbus Capital Lending, a residential mortgage company that offers a wide variety of products focused on new home purchases and refinancing existing mortgages, is one of the fastest growing mortgage banking operations in the US. With its new “plug-and-play” cloud-based communications solution, Columbus Capital Lending has the flexibility to quickly and easily open field offices across the country.


Columbus Capital Lending created a Strategic Markets Initiative Group in early 2016 and needed to set up field offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas, as well as in Concord, California.

The mortgage company was looking for a cloud-based communications solution that would enable its highly mobile team to communicate effectively on the go. It also had to be scalable and simple enough to replicate in small offices across the country.

Flexibility is key since the Strategic Markets Initiative Groups plans to expand quickly.





  • Device configuration is simple, giving Columbus Capital Lending the flexibility to “plug-and-play” handsets wherever there is an available internet connection.
  • Thanks to the Hosted solution powered by the Cloud, Columbus Capital does not need to concern itself with hardware or handling technical issues.


  • The consumption-based licensing model is cost effective and allows Columbus Capital Lending to increase or decrease the number of licenses to match its needs.

User experience

  • The Smartphone application enables users to seamlessly receive or make calls from their extension number, even when they are out of the office.
  • The numerous features (including multiline conferencing and the ability to use voice data in email) simplify communications and support employee productivity.

"As usual, Icon Networks knew just what solution would meet our needs perfectly. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution gives our team the communications tools they need to work efficiently, whether they’re at the office or on the road. It also offers Columbus Capital Lending a great deal of flexibility, an important point for us as we continue to grow and expand."

— Kyle Lester, Division Manager, Columbus Capital Lending