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BMW International Open

BMW International Open
Industry: Other
Country: Germany
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BMW International Open, one of the highlights of the European golfing calendar, attracts some of the game's greatest stars and dedicated sports fans each year. BMW organized this tournament for the 28th time in 2016, providing journalists and 58,500 spectators with reliable connectivity throughout the event and helping everyone to have an extraordinary day at the golf course.


Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, the official Connectivity Partner of the 2016 BMW International Open was tasked with implementing communications infrastructure, including LAN, WLAN and IP telephony at the Golf Club Gut Lärchenhof near Cologne.

Delivering connectivity was dually challenging:
1) the golf course was located well outside urban areas and had weak mobile phone coverage, and
2) there was very high demand for network bandwidth and data from the organizers, sponsors and partners, journalists, and tens of thousands of visitors who wanted on-demand connectivity.




Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution, the prestigious golfing event was able to offer secure high-speed Internet access and state-of-the art IP telephony.

All indoor and outdoor areas were covered: club house, public areas and the course grandstands. The controller-based WLAN infrastructure was set up with rugged WLAN access points designed for outdoor environments, providing high density on the 10,000 square meter public area. The 1,200 WLAN users required optimized frequency management that had to be significantly more sophisticated than those typically used in corporate environments.

Having a single voice and data solutions supported the organizers’ productivity and enabled them to run the event smoothly and successfully.

User experience
Players, partners, journalists and spectators at the 2016 BMW International Open enjoyed reliable connectivity throughout the event, helping everyone to have an extraordinary day at the golf course.

"We are very happy to have won with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as our Connectivity Partner and are highly satisfied with the success of this project which enabled us to offer the players, journalists, partners and spectators the high-class connectivity that they are entitled to expect. There were no failures or complaints at all. In short: everything went exactly as we had imagined it, and we would be very pleased to further expand our cooperation with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise at the BMW International Open next year."

— Jörn Plinke, Tournament and Project Manager at BMW International Open