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Middle Country Central School District

Middle Country Central School District
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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The Middle Country Central School District (MCCSD), located in Long Island, is the 3rd largest suburban district in New York state. The school district collapsed its disparate networks, lowering costs while benefiting from a new highly reliable network.


  • MCCSD wanted to upgrade to a highly reliable infrastructure to support teaching in the classroom, improving network speed tenfold from a 1-2gig capacity to 10-20gig
  • MCCSD was also looking to replace aging equipment that was no longer under warranty and problematic to maintain
  • In addition, the district wished to invest in a long-life network to cope with the anticipated demands of future projects: system-wide IP camera deployment, VoIP, student BYOD, 1-to-1, etc





  • The latest generation of OmniSwitch® 6450 will provide high capacity to the classroom and Power over Ethernet (PoE) to spare for the continuing expansion of cameras, phones, WLAN APs
  • The OmniSwitch® 6900 core provides 40G uplinks and 10G server-facing ports for the current generation of servers, ensuring speedy and trouble-free application access
  • The latest generation of OmniVista® 2500 is totally HTML based, allowing access to network troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance and backup from any device, fixed or mobile
  • ClearPass allows staff to onboard their own devices onto the network, but is also a technological foundation to expand to guest and student BYOD access in the future


  • MCCSD’s new network empowers the school district to collapse disparate networks, for example analog cameras or digital phones, and generate important savings

User Experience:

  • Users benefit from higher desktop internet browsing speed as well as faster login speeds
  • Teachers can use in-class tools like smartboards and AppleTVs without fear of interruption due to bandwidth or quality issues

"We understand that the best network is the one that users don’t notice because it simply performs, is able to deal with anything a student or teacher or administrator or IT staffer demands of it. Our previous generation was nearly invisible but there were still some issues due to aging equipment. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution is taking us to the next level and will help us achieve our future objectives as well."

— Vincent Raicovi, Ed. D, Director of Technology, Business and Information Systems, Middle Country Central School District