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IDC Frontier

IDC Frontier
Industry: Service Providers
Country: Japan
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IDC Frontier is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation, with both data center and Cloud center businesses. They wanted to simplify and upgrade their existing network, while delivering an uninterrupted service to customers. With a shortest bridging path (SPB) solution deployed, they have reduced the complexity of the network and have a fully redundant system with scalability to allow for future expansion.


  • IDC Frontier was faced with a rising customer demand for higher availability of services. To meet this challenge the company needed to improve the availability of its own network backbone. IDC Frontier decided to upgrade its infrastructure by replacing obsolete networking equipment with  higher performing, and more cost effective, switches.
  • Also, the company needed to connect its nine domestic data centers while delivering uninterrupted service to customers, most of whom are content providers.
  • IDC Frontier was looking for an innovative solution that would immediately address all of these needs.




  • The SPB architecture reduces complexity in the network and makes its simpler to use, maintain and grow.
  • In the three years since it was installed the system has suffered no hardware failures.
  • The network is scalable which avoids replacement costs and can accommodate new customers and services.
  • With the new compact switches, IDC Frontier has saved on installation and operational expenses as well as electricity.
  • The solution has reduced lead times for service delivery to customers.
  • End-to-end redundancy ensures services will be maintained for customers, even in the event of a failure at one of the intermediate data centers or trunk lines.

"The OmniSwitch 6900 helped us overcome the geographic barrier created by the long distance between the two data centers. We benefited greatly from the OmniSwitch 6900 features."

— Mr. Tokuda, Network Group, Platform Engineering Department, Customer Service Division