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The Escarpment Group

 The Escarpment Group
Industry: Hospitality
Country: Australia
Download: The Escarpment Group's Success Story

The Escarpment Group is a unique collection of Luxury Escapes in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains in Australia. Thanks to its new unified platform, the Escarpment Group has achieved consistency across hotels and lowered calling costs, while improving customer service at the same time.


  • The Escarpment Group’s multiple properties were using disparate platforms, resulting in an excessive number of integration points, management challenges, and a lack of consistency across locations.
  • Working with various suppliers further complicated network management and maintenance. The small team of IT technicians were stretched thin and were left with little time to focus on value-add projects like WiFi upgrades, etc.
  • The hotel group wanted to install a central reservation system that could handle bookings for all properties from a single front desk.





  • The single management platform and PBX that spans across all hotel properties have simplified system management and maintenance.
  • Onboarding new hotels is easy, it represents a small add-on as the IT team only needs to add gateways and handsets.
  • Working with one supplier has increased consistency, simplified the network, and freed the staff to work on more strategic projects.
  • A new SIP trunk has replaced the individual phone lines at each site, for greater efficiency.
  • Thanks to the single PBX all telephone communication costs between hotels have been eliminated, generating costs savings for the hospitality group.
  • The central reservation system helps the Escarpment Group offer better customer service. Hotel staff can check room availability across all properties in real time, enabling them to offer alternative accommodation to guests if requested properties are fully booked.

"The solution that Excelcom rolled out using the OmniPCX® Enterprise Communication Server at all of the 4 properties, setting up a multi-hotel platform, works very well. We have incorporated SIP for all properties with different redundancy options so that we have a robust system that can handle different outage occurrences. We have call center software for our central reservation system which has helped us capture more business and improved customer service. "

—  Peter Redman, Chief Engineer