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Industry: Services
Country: United States
Download: NACE's Success Story

NACE is a North American leader and specialist in the distribution of Satellite Television infrastructure products and multimedia technology systems. Thanks to its new reliable and scalable network, NACE was able to expand in-room services and enhance the guest experience across 43,000 rooms.


  • NACE’s customers are private network operators that rely on the equipment provider to deliver content and services to various types of properties (hotels, retirement homes, student dorms, etc.).
  • The company needed to create a simple and complete solution to enable their operators to deliver a two-way interactive video experience to guest rooms and tenant apartments. The enhanced experience would expand possible in-room services, for example: movie selection, inter-room messaging, live CCTV footage, and more. It would also enable properties to push advertising directly to guest rooms.
  • NACE required a reliable and scalable Ethernet switching solution to keep pace with customer acquisitions and the implementation of new services.




  • The OmniSwitch® embedded in NACE’s solution supports multicast, line-rate throughput and quality of service so applications like broadcast video can be delivered with no frame loss. This ensures an excellent end user experience.
  • In addition, the OmniSwitch® solution is easy to configure and troubleshoot.
  • NACE can offer its operators a solution that is in high demand and is remarkably easy to deploy, reducing operational costs and improving profitability.
  • The guest experience has been revolutionized by providing two-way communication and enabling end-users to interact with the services, rather than simply receiving one-size-fits-all content.

"More and more guests want to be able to customize their user experience and content. With our solution, we can help our customer meet this growing demand and set them up for success today and in the future."

— Aaron Starr, CEO