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Shady Side Academy

Shady Side Academy
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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Shady Side Academy is one of the oldest independent schools in Western Pennsylvania. With its new scalable and simplified infrastructure, Shady Side has improved network performance in order to support its 1:1 BYOD initiative and help teachers integrate new technology in the classroom.


  • Shady Side wanted to replace its aging multivendor environment with a robust and scalable unified wired and wireless network from a single vendor.
  • The school needed to ready the network for anticipated communications and security needs, while increasing WiFi density and coverage to close “dead spots,” fixing bandwidth issues, and supporting both 1:1 and BYOD student environments immediately.
  • Spotty network performance had hindered the use of new technologies, making teachers reluctant to try them. The solution needed to support these technologies in order to regain teachers’ trust and encourage innovative teaching methods. 




  • The unified access network supports Aruba AirGroup™ feature which allows Shady Side to make full use of inexpensive classroom projection (e.g. AppleTV) with a high degree of control.
  • The right sized OmniSwitch® core network gives Shady Side great performance and high reliability, while remaining highly scalable.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs were very high; the new solution offers a much more affordable alternative.
  • The entire network was replaced within the school’s budget.
  • The new network has allowed Shady Side to hire a full time staffer dedicated to classroom innovation, working with teachers to create a better and more innovative learning experience for students.

"We’ve effectively removed the technological barriers to change at Shady Side. Teachers don’t have to worry about technology failing them anymore and that makes all the difference. They can fully embrace new teaching tools to take student learning to the next level. "

— Tim Winner, Director of Technology