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Pinnacle Communications Corporation

Pinnacle Communications Corporation
Industry: Hospitality
Country: United States
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Pinnacle Communications Corporation is a telecommunications solutions provider specializing in the Lodging and Hospitality Industry. Thanks to its new virtual chassis architecture, Pinnacle is able to provide customers with more reliable cloud-based services.


  • Pinnacle wanted to replace the existing network with a simpler virtual chassis architecture to offer higher performing and more reliable cloud-based services to its customers.
  • The company needed a robust data center switching solution that did not require extensive IT oversight since resources were extremely limited.
  • Lastly, an expandable network solution was required to give Pinnacle the business agility needed to keep growing its customer base, services and capacity.





  • The intelligent fabric auto-configuration of link aggregates eliminates provisioning errors and allows rapid service turn-up for users.
  • The in-service software upgrade effectively eliminates routine maintenance windows and is carried out without taking down user VPNs.
  •  The loopback prevention feature prevented significant outage at Pinnacle when an Ethernet cable shorted in production.
  • Having highly reliable hardware minimizes the need for costly on-site maintenance.
  • The solution’s reliable and redundant design ensures SLA adherence for hosted services and avoids performance penalties.
  • The in-service software upgrades can take place at any time without impacting users’ network experience.
  • Thanks to Access Guardian, users can connect easily and securely, with little need for helpdesk support.


"The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise data center switching solution provides Pinnacle and its hosted customers with the reliable and high-performing services we expect. The solution’s embedded intelligence and reliability means it requires minimal oversight and management."

— David de’Marsi, Senior Network Engineer