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Itasca Independent School District

Itasca Independent School District
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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Itasca ISD is a K-12 public school district located in Itasca, Texas with 700 students. Thanks to its new enterprise-class core network, the district has decreased maintenance, improved connectivity in the classroom and laid the foundation for the implementation of pervasive wireless.


  • In 2011, Itasca ISD embarked on a 4-year plan to upgrade its telephony (phase 1), wired network (phase 2) and wireless infrastructure (phase 3). The objective: to implement an enterprise-class network with reliable and secure wireless access for students, faculty and visitors
  • After successfully completing phase 1, Itasca needed to attack phase 2 and upgrade its core network. The solution had to be simple to set up and manage. The network also had to be capable of supporting wireless in the final phase of the plan
  • Lastly, Itasca required a quality solution that would fit within its budget




  • The core network switches were simple to configure and get up and running. Itasca ISD staff was able to set up the system almost completely unaided
  • Itasca’s core network using virtual chassis technology and its Power Over Ethernet Plus (IEEE 802.11at standard) and Gigabit Ethernet edge network now provide the foundation required to implement campus-wide secure wireless
  • The staff spends less time managing and maintaining the system thanks to the network management system, and can focus on the final phase of the infrastructure upgrade
  • The network has improved connectivity and availability for teachers. They can now better engage the students with more advanced learning tools in the classroom

"Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Dice Communications have won 3 bids for upgrades to our telephony and network infrastructure since 2011. We keep choosing them because they offer the right solutions for us and they deliver great service afterwards. We appreciate that they always work within our budget. "

— Richard Wilson, Director of Technology