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Centre Hospitalier de Péronne (CH Péronne)

Centre Hospitalier de Péronne (CH Péronne)
Industry: Healthcare
Country: France
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The CH Péronne hospital complex, located in the French department of the Somme, has 8000 hospitalizations, 80,000 consultations and 14,000 visits to its ER each year. With its new centralized IP telephony network, the hospital has improved communications and facilitated staff mobility.


  • The CH Péronne wanted to replace the fragmented and aging telephony infrastructure with a modern and centralized IP network across its 7 sites
  • In addition, the nurses needed to increase their onsite mobility while remaining reachable by patients at all times
  • The CH Péronne required a scalable system that could support its participation in the planned grouping of, and network interconnection with, regional health facilities to better serve residents




  • When emergency protocols need to be activated, 6 dedicated reserve IP phones will be set up and connected in minutes to enable effective crisis or catastrophe situation management without delay
  • The solution’s scalability will facilitate network interconnection with other regional facilities. It will also serve as a base for future initiatives like the creation of a call center and the implementation of multimedia technology for patients
  • The IP network has drastically reduced communication costs
  • Maintenance costs have also decreased thanks to the new simplified network
  • Mobile handsets give the nurses greater mobility, making them more effective and productive
  • Patients can reach hospital staff anytime, anywhere, allowing for better care


"I know the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions well and I trust them completely. Our new telephony system will help the CH Péronne continue the large scale modernization of our infrastructure. One day, we hope to be on 100% IP!"

— Philippe Huddlestone, Technical Director and IT Security Manager