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Elkhorn Public Schools

Elkhorn Public Schools
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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Elkhorn Public Schools, located on the edge of the Omaha Metro Area, is the fastest growing school district in Nebraska. By replacing its fragmented telephony infrastructure with a centralized IP solution, Elkhorn Public Schools facilitated communications across the district and improved security in its classrooms.


  • Elkhorn Public Schools’ rapid expansion was creating a strain on both resources and its internal communication system
  • Maintenance was complex, and users in different buildings throughout the campus weren’t able to call one another directly. Each building was effectively operating in its own silo
  • The District sought to boost efficiency by replacing the 17 standalone systems with a centrally managed telephony solution. It also wanted to improve safety by equipping all classrooms with a phone




  • All buildings at Elkhorn Public Schools are now connected to a centralized telephony system. This means simpler maintenance for the District’s sole technician, who also received training by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • With the hybrid telephony system, survivability is assured even in the event of a total IP network failure
  • Monthly savings are generated thanks to the streamlined system.
  • Staff members are more efficient as they can easily and quickly reach colleagues with the dial by name functionality
  • Having a phone in every classroom increases security, giving administrators, staff and parents peace of mind
  • Users enjoy a uniform experience across all buildings, making it easier for them to make calls

"After presentations by multiple vendors, Elkhorn Public Schools chose to partner with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. As the District moved to a VoIP system, we felt that they provided the most cost-effective solution. Our partnership with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has been excellent. We are still discovering all the things this system can provide to meet our needs as we continually add new buildings. "

— Ryan Lindquist, Director of Business Support Services