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Centro Universitário de Brasília (UniCEUB)

Centro Universitário de Brasília (UniCEUB)
Industry: Education
Country: Brazil
Download: Centro Universitário de Brasília (UniCEUB) Success Story

Centro Universitário de Brasília (UniCEUB) is one of the best universities in the capital city of Brazil. It is known for its teaching excellence and continuous program renewal, following the latest technological and pedagogical developments in higher education. UniCEUB offers courses in the legal, social, health, education and hard sciences. UniCEUB acquired a highly reliable network that allows to enhance classroom and e-learning.


  • UniCEUB required a reliable wireless network to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff
  • They also required VLAN management and network profile improvement as well as an Inter-VLAN access control with policies
  • In addition, the university wanted to manage their assets via a unique interface with virtual chassis and stacking




  • Wi-Fi stability is significantly improved. Network performance and support services in a high-density environment are impeccable with seamless connectivity for 60-100 devices per access point and automatic workstation deployment
  • UniCEUB was able to benefit from a substantial Total Cost of Ownership savings following the implementation of the Alcatel Lucent Enterprise converged solution
  • Technology use in classroom environments is now simplified and reliable. E-learning resources are continuously available for students and faculty

"The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise commitment to delivering precision and simplicity in system setup and management enabled us to implement a reliable network, with security policies and high quality of service. With the new solution we were able to autonomously deploy a secure network for 1,500 wired devices and 1,200 simultaneous wireless devices in only 7 days, including VLANs, Access Policies, Network Authentication, Quality of Service and Routing, along with workstations, printers and servers activation."

— Cláudio Costa, Infrastructure and Computer Network Manager