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Signaux Girod

Signaux Girod
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: France
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The international Signaux Girod group offers global solutions for signalization and planning road and urban spaces. Known for its expertise and forward-thinking in its vision, Signaux Girod maintains its commitments: non-stop innovation within its organization, its product range (eco design and design in the Neo line), its manufacturing processes, and even in its unified communication tools. Signaux Girod deployed a new online collaboration solution in the cloud to improve the communications of their employees.


  • Signaux Girod has undertaken a travel cost reduction policy and wants to equip itself with a new conferencing solution that enables holding a maximum of meetings online rather than face-to-face
  • This new solution needed to be extremely simple to use in order to ensure total user adherence
  • Finally, it was also necessary that any new solution be deployed across all sites and be used as a supplement to any kind of telecom environment




  • OpenTouch® Conference adapts to the existing environment and is totally compatible with the heterogenous PBX equipment of the group. Deployment is immediate since the solution is available instantaneously through the cloud
  • OpenTouch® Conference was deployed without any initial investment and allows simple billing, with payment upon use
  • The OpenTouch® Conference application is extremely simple to use and very intuitive, both for the conference leader and for the participants. Users can now share documents with one click

"The solution provides us with highly efficient intra-group collaboration. We save time, budget and gain comfort by limiting our travels while emphasizing interactions. This is what we were looking for."

— Nathalie Bouvier, Marketing Manager