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University of Balamand

University of Balamand
Industry: Education
Country: Lebanon
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Founded in 1988, the University of Balamand (UOB) is known for its commitment to scientific excellence and community development. It is comprised of nine faculties, four branches and has over 5,000 students. UOB is ranked among the top universities in the country and is expanding with a fine arts academy and a large hospital in the near future. The university acquired an innovative network architecture improving e-learning continuity for students and staff.


  • The university had a segmented network access that caused significant latency and delays in connecting to the course registration and enrollment resources
  • The multivendor environment discontinued standard features deployment due to incompatibility, so a single vendor solution was required
  • Network management needed to be upgraded to use all available resources for a holistic and detailed overview and support




  • The Application Fluent Network (AFN) approach has greatly reduced latency and the traffic anomaly detection (TAD) feature has improved network security. System management is now highly simplified by using a virtual chassis
  • In addition, UOB now benefits from fluent interoperability by using only 3 types of switches
  • Thanks to the new unified access solution the university has reduced their total cost of ownership to 25% and expect to reach 35% savings with the five-year deal
  • The reliable network access secures e-learning continuity for students and staff.
  • The system also allows teaching resources availability on and off campus sites at all times

"As the winning bidder to our RFP project, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise was able to provide maximum value to the university using the best technology available, student employment, IT training program and consolidation process. We now have established the most cost effective and efficient design for migrating the existing network to scalable and flexible architecture."

— Elie Inaty, Assistant to the President for Information Technology