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Trevelyan's Pack and Cool Ltd

Trevelyan's Pack and Cool Ltd
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: New Zealand
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Trevelyan’s is a packing and cool storage company located in New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty region. As a family owned enterprise, they specialize in packing and storing green and gold kiwifruit, as well as avocados, from a large centralized site spanning over 5 hectares. Due to the seasonal nature of the business, the staff may grow from 100 permanent to 1,400 temporary employees during the harvesting periods. Trevelyan's acquired a new unified communication platform to support BYOD and to improve the communications of their business.


  • Staff was using a combination of personal and Trevelyan’s provided mobile phones, as well as additional DECT handsets connected to the OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition, this created disjointed and expensive communications and also meant that staff had to both carry and care for, multiple devices. Overall this was unproductive, personally awkward and expensive
  • Given the seasonal fluctuations in employee numbers, the company needed a scalable and cost effective communications solution for their permanent and temporary workforce
  • The rural location and cool store environments meant poor coverage by the public mobile network, so a reliable and efficient alternative voice communications system was required





  • The company now has a single unified communication platform for staff and temporary workers with the ability to support BYOD via the My Instant Communicator Mobile Client over the company’s own Wi-Fi network
  • This provides a more efficient overall communications system that is simpler to manage, is more efficient and more cost effective for Trevelyan’s management
  • Trevelyan’s have significantly reduced their communication system total cost of ownership and have achieved this without a rip and replace
  • The employees now have a single communication device they need to carry and care for, and have more efficient, unified and coherent communications experience taking advantage of useful new features such as unified call logs, company wide dial by name, and a single unified voicemail box with an easy to use a visual list of messages

"We required simplified management and maintenance in our day to day operations, while not leaving out high efficiency. We now have a solution with lesser hassle compared to past communication systems, thanks to Alcatel–Lucent Enterprise."

— Paul Harker, IT System Manager