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Microchoix Maroc

Microchoix Maroc
Industry: Retail
Country: Morocco
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As a leading company in the re-sale of computer and multimedia equipment, Microchoix Maroc has become the reference brand in the regional hi-tech sector. Considered to be the number one e-commerce site in Morocco, the company built its success based on a strategy for developing online commerce with the creation of a network of 14 sales outlets. Microchoix Maroc implemented a centralized solution to improve real time system management and interactivity between employees and customers.


  • Since historically Microchoix Maroc developed from its sales outlets, traditionally each retail site answered its own calls. The company wanted to improve telephone reception for its customers and eliminate unanswered calls
  • Microchoix Maroc looked for a centralized solution that could handle up to 30 agents working simultaneously, allowing real time system management and interactivity requiring no intervention by technical support




  • User management and calls flow are controlled directly by the call center manager from their workstation
  • The new system interface can be used to display production statistics in real time to adjust agent priorities
  • Thanks to the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution, which centralizes and records all telephone orders, Microchoix now has a 40% increase in turnover
  • Incoming calls are automatically transferred to the right agent depending on their skills and availability, thereby improving productivity
  • All conversations are recorded to allow analysis and creation of a customized progress plan


"The solution set up in our sites enabled us to increase the potential of the customer orders thanks to real time management of our call flows. Rigorous tracking of our production and the performance of our employees guarantees proximity relations with our customers."

— Adil Amine, e-Commerce Manager