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Accu-Rite Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Accu-Rite Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: United States
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Accu-Rite Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a family owned business that has been providing top quality Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and dependable service for the past 24 years. Their commitment to manufacturing the best precision components for the aerospace and commercial industries has been recipe to their success, and what started as a humble shop in 1988 has grown to the 8,500 square foot manufacturing facility Accu-Rite operates today. Thanks to Alcatel-Lucent Enteprise Office Cloud solution, Accu-Rite was able to reduce their calling costs while enjoying much higher quality calls, without interference.


  • The previous network suffered from numerous connectivity and clarity issues, including dropped calls, echo, and static sound
  • Accu-Rite required telephone equipment that could provide enhanced features, including the ability to easily transfer calls directly on and off-site, and with voicemail and message alerts
  • Another key requirement was the need for an intercom system to transfer and announce calls between the different site areas




  • The solution provides Accu-Rite with direct, clear intercom communication throughout their facilities
  • The combination of OpenTouch™ Office Cloud and IP Touch™ provides live voicemail alerts and the ability to transfer calls directly from the main office to off-site mobile phones
  • Monthly calling costs were immediately reduced by 18% after implementation
  • Calls can now be routed to the exact desired recipient, reducing customer and employee waiting time
  • Customers now experience much higher quality calls, without interference


"We are very satisfied with the installation of the new lines, as well as the porting of our phone number. We are also pleased with the quality of the phones, and how easy they are to use!"

— Julie Polansky, Office Manager