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Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas

Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas
Industry: Government
Country: Mexico
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The Tamaulipas state is located in Northern Mexico, alongside the state of Texas, at the US border. It is one of the 32 federal entities of Mexico. Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas has 80,000 employees, amongst which are 40,000 teachers, 30,000 healthcare professionals and 10,000 administrative staff. The new centralized network offers stability and reliability, providing every Gobierno del Estado de Tamaulipas' employees with improved communications and collaborations.


  • The Government needed to connect and improve the quality of communications between many cities and offices located within the state of Tamaulipas
  • They also required the solution to be integrated into their new campuses, new schools and new hospitals
  • The Tamaulipas state authority had been requested to reduce costs due to Government budget restrictions being enforced




  • The centralized base offers stability and reliability at all times, providing every Government employee with improved communications and collaborations within the organization
  • In addition, the most beneficial factor is the knowledge that the IT management have acquired, along with the integration of systematization
  • Importantly, the initial investment was not required all at once, but could be made progressively. Also, the new products can integrate to the pre-existing base, which keeps costs down to a minimum
  • Employees now have access, directly from the phones, to the complete directory of extensions in the network. All of the departments and services within the organization are fully integrated

"We have been investing in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise products for 10 years. We have a great relationship with both Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and the business partner. The major benefits are that we have a centralized base that is reliable and stable, a unified directory that is available to provide access to the right people in cases of emergencies, and an investment that matches to our growth and needs."

— Victor Vazquez Adame, Undersecretary for Innovation and Information Technology