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Société Immobilière Et Financière De La Côte Africaine (SIFCA)

Société Immobilière Et Financière De La Côte Africaine (SIFCA)
Industry: Manufacturing
Country: Ivory Coast
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Founded in 1964, Société Immobilière Et Financière De La Côte Africaine (SIFCA) is a major player in the African food processing industry. The group is involved in the cultivation, processing and marketing of vegetable oil, natural rubber and cane sugar.


  • SIFCA encountered problems with integrating its new services and wanted to enhance the performance and quality of its IT environment
  • SIFCA hoped to integrate new applications and hosted software, such as Oracle or SAP, into its workplace tools, so that they would be accessible via an internet browser.
  • Setting up a simple and efficient videoconferencing system was also required
  • Finally, as SIFCA wanted to transfer a large number of employees to its Palmci headquarters, it needed a solution that would allow it to gradually migrate the servers from its different subsidiaries. At the same time, this solution would provide connection flexibility from its remote sites (Surcrivoire or Path) and via Modular LAN Switch (MLS) or Virtual Private Network (VPN)




  • Centralization of the IT network, and the integration of Wi-Fi into its architecture, have simplified and streamlined the management of the different types of connections (VLAN, WAN), and methods of access (VPN, MLS)
  • Network redundancy has improved the network quality and uptime, and has led to improved ingress flow management via Quality of Service (QoS)
  • There is higher productivity from employees thanks to the enhanced  availability, stability and flexibility of the network
  • The access service for field personnel provides them with easy and secure network access during audits and site inspections

"We chose Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise over its rivals because it offered us better quality at a lower cost, and also provided training for our teams. Thanks to the new solution, our company has a network based on a 10K server. Our LAN now has more availability, stability and speed, and there are no more Wi-Fi outages between the two sites."

— Bilal Choumali, Chief Information Officer