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Great Neck Public Schools

Great Neck Public Schools
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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Great Neck Public Schools is a comprehensive community public school district located in New York. Thanks to Emergency Notification Server, Great Neck Public Schools improved management and reactivity in case of emergency.


  • The use of the emergency services was not transparent in the school district. The IT teams were not notified when a 911 call was made, except for when false alarms were reported to administration.
  • The customer required a way to notify internal first responders that a 911 call had been made, and a system to extract all reports of 911 calls.Overall,the school needed to leverage technology to improve response to emergencies.
  • Oftentimes, a 911 call was placed and some key stakeholders, including administrators, were not made aware of the situation.



  • With the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Emergency Notification Server, calls go directly to 911 and provide immediate accountability, tracking and notification. This service offers various notification types for each internal responder. The solution is extremely flexible and can be organized by building location.
  • The Emergency Notification Server was easily integrated to existing network, providing potential savings to the district.
  • Employees can have the ability to choose the type of notifications theyprefer such as e-mails and text messages.

"We like that we can choose various notification types for each internal responder. We can organize the solution by building location. We also like that first responders can listen to 911 calls as they are happening in real time. The system also provides us with immediate accountability, tracking and notification. I think the ENS solution is so important that it should be included in every VoIP phone system solution."

— Marc Epstein, Technology Director