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BMW Automobilcenter Menton

BMW Automobilcenter Menton
Industry: Retail
Country: Germany
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BMW Automobilcenter Menton a successful BMW dealer based in Reutlingen in the South of Germany, acquires a new wired and wireless network which links locations to the data center providing investment protection and easy administration.


  • Menton wanted to modernize its network, because the connection from the sites to the host was not performing well enough to ensure smooth communication
  • The ability to provide all the locations with a high performance connection, despite the very long and convoluted cable routings, was a very important requirement of Menton
  • They also needed LAN and WLAN components to be delivered by one manufacturer




  • Secure connection of all locations with high performance has been achieved through the integrated 10-Gigabit connectivity, linking all hosts and buildings to the server in the data center. This has brought significant performance gains
  • The implemented solution has ensured the protection of investment, as well as allowed a sustainable technology
  • All employees are benefiting from the reliability of the connection. Employees can now optimize their time, as administrative tasks are simpler

"An essential advantage of the new solution is the simplification of administration. Because all functions and components are part of our new integrated infrastructure, the whole solution can be better supervised and steered with more efficiently. "

— Carsten Pleyer, IT Director