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Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam
Industry: Education
Country: Netherlands
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Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (Public Library of Amsterdam) is the collective name of all public libraries in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  With the new solution, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam ensures 99.99% uptime and experiences no network failures.


  • Customer needed to migrate all documentation and working activities from paper to digital information
  • Library members have requested internet access and workplaces
  • OBA required IT centralization in order to reduce costs at the remote offices



  • Centralizing IT removed the necessity of having any local servers
  • Lower investment was possible thanks to the stackable switches and the operational costs have been decreased
  • The manageability is now enhanced as there is constant up-to-date view of the network and the usage
  • The new solution ensures 99.99% uptime and experiences no network failures

"With Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s solution we have a stable network that saves us from any technical issues, any stress and worries that the Information and Communications technology might not work."

— Jolanda van Leeuwen, IT Manager