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Mukogawa Women’s University

Mukogawa Women’s University
Industry: Education
Country: Japan
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Nishinomiya’s Mukogawa Women’s University is the premier women’s university in Japan, with more than 10,000 students. The University improved their learning and information-sharing environment with help from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise.


  • Dealing with aging network infrastructure no longer able to keep up with demand or future capacity needs
  • Maintaining stable network services while meeting new requirements
  • Facilitating preferred method of exchanging information using cell phones
  • Keeping costs in check and predictable over the long term
  • Managing increasing traffic due to changes in curriculum




  • Improved performance: new infrastructure provides a stable network environment to cope with the increase in traffic
  • Economic predictability: the network design allows the University to make a long-term budget that takes into account future extensibility rather than just the current costs
  • Improved learning opportunities: The solution’s optimal network environment enables students and faculty to exchange data over smartphones, increasing mobility and enabling support for the bring your own device(BYOD) trend


"It enables our university to find new ways of saving time and money, and provides a consistent, high-quality user experience across wired and wireless networks. Our network is also prepared for the evolution journey ahead, with the ability to gradually increase mobility and support BYOD. Most importantly, this transformation can be achieved while maintaining the same hardware, therefore protecting our investments. These factors combine to provide a network that is technically robust and economically predictable, making for a sound long-term investment."

— Takashi Hirai , Associate Professor, Mukogawa Women's University Department of Japanese Language and Literature