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Banner Bank - Centralization Project

Banner Bank - Centralization Project
Industry: Finance and Insurance
Country: United States
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Banner Bank is a community bank that offers a wide variety of commercial banking services and financial products to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses and their employees in its primary market area. Banner Bank improves customer service with new, geographically redundant voice network.


  • Manage customer phone inquiries to all branches more efficiently
  • Improve intra-company communications and productivity
  • Reduce operations costs by improving telecommunication systems availability, reliability, and serviceability
  • Enable business-wide visibility of an emergency in progress in real time




  • The single, integrated system has vastly improved Banner Bank’s customer service by immediately connecting customers with the right employee at all times
  • A safer working environment enabled by E-911 support
  • Increased system availability and drastically reduced repair times for outages

"The new system is modern and easy-to-use. Callers to any branch can always connect with a live agent, employees are able to manage and route calls based on specific needs, operations costs and maintenance costs are lower, and we can easily expand and upgrade the network to support changes in daily operations."

— Jeff Reynolds, Assistant Vice President, Telecom Engineer, Banner Bank