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Heinrich Koch Internationale Spedition GMBH & CO. KG

Heinrich Koch Internationale Spedition GMBH & CO. KG
Industry: Transportation
Country: Germany
Download: Heinrich Koch Internationale Spedition GMBH & CO. KG Success Story

Heinrich Koch Internationale Spedition is a pro-active, medium-sized provider of logistical services and network partner found in 1900. Heinrich Koch achieves higher mobility, accessibility and availability with its Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution.


  • Acquiring solution that would be energy-efficient
  • Improving management for PBX and Network solution (former HP)
  • Migrating from old locations toward new location without creating any technical issues that would be crucial for the business




  • Availability and working comfort were optimized by homogeneous terminals for all employees
  • High energy cost reduc-tion by the new systems and less operating expenses of about 30%
  • Sensitive data can be saved and administrated securely so maximum of accessibility and availability is generated
  • Time for administrative tasks was reduced enormously and complex structure was simplified

"The solution of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers all communication possibilities that an enterprise with different fields of activities would need. We wanted to solve certain challenges of our industry and achieve our customers’ expectations for an optimal assistance and development under high time pressure. Our new communication concept is now able to smoothly support all of the above."

— Mr. Heinz-Peter Beste, Business Director