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Moravian College

Moravian College
Industry: Education
Country: United States
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Moravian College is a private coeducational liberal arts college located in Pennsylvania. Moravian College now provides a seamless, high-quality network experience for all users on all devices with new integrated, secure network. For more information, watch the Moravian College InformationWeek webinar.



  • Create a new network to support an all-MacBook Pro® environment
  • Improve wired and wireless access everywhere on campus
  • Provide high quality data, video and multimedia communications at any time
  • Attract students with an advanced wired and wireless network infrastructure




  • The complete, integrated network delivered by Alcatel-Lucent provides full support for Moravian College’s vision of an all-MacBook Pro® environment.
  • High quality access to wired and wireless networks is now available for any user and any device campus-wide
  • Effective network management, access control and user management with the ClearPass™ Policy Management System
  • The Alcatel-Lucent solution delivers a seamless, high-quality network experience for all users on all devices, including Macbook Pro computers and iPads
  • The new infrastructure has streamlined network management efforts by enabling the IT team to manage the entire network, govern access, and maintain the security of all traffic based on a single set of usage policies

"With this new network, Moravian College can achieve its vision for a new education environment in which everyone has the same tools and access to the same experience regardless of where they are on campus or which network they are using. The classroom walls are totally removed with the availability of a full blown modern wireless network. And teaching, learning and collaboration can happen anywhere on campus, anytime it’s appropriate."

— Scott Hughes, Chief Information Officer